Celebrating 60 Years and Beyond

Jan 13, 2014

WKAR-TV first went on the air January 15, 1954. Today, in 2014, WKAR-TV continues to build upon 60 years of service to the mid-Michigan community, bringing you WKAR originals, the best from PBS, and community events that bring together people and ideas to Expand Your World. |  Make a gift to WKAR-TV

As a special thank you, this anniversary edition WKAR TV carry bag is yours for a donation of $60 or more.

WKAR-TV has been on the air for 60 years.  Who could have even guessed in 1954 that we would be part of your lives every day, bringing you programs like Masterpiece, Nova, Frontline and Sesame Street.  That WKAR would be providing educational and entertaining programming for people of all ages across mid-Michigan.  Who could even guessed, at that time, we could live-stream shows on the internet for people across the county and world.

All through those 60 years, WKAR-TV viewers like you have been at the forefront of our work.  Public Broadcasting is such a special medium, without commercial interruption.  We offer it to you for your education, entertainment and enlightenment.  

We only ask for your financial support.  We ask you to put a financial benefit on what you see.  Gifts large and small from you are what have allowed WKAR-TV to be on the air for 60 years.

During this anniversary week, please consider making a gift to WKAR-TV.

So WKAR-TV can be here for you for many, many more years to come.