Canja, Meyer and Proctor win LCC Board seats

Lansing, MI – Final vote tallies are in from Clinton County in the race for three seats on the seven-member Board of Trustees at Lansing Community College.

Chairperson Deborah Canja led the pack. The other seats were won by Larry Meyer and incumbent Robert Proctor. Clinton County results were not available until Wednesday, leaving the outcome uncertain last night.

Meyer, a former Lansing City Council member, says he wants to revisit LCC's offer to purchase the city's parking ramp on Capitol Avenue.

"If the city won't sell it, we'll have to build a new ramp, which to me would be not a good thing to do in that neighborhood," he says. "If LCC builds that ramp, it will immediately cannibalize all of the customers from the city ramp, so the city ramp will have no revenue. That to me didn't make a lot of sense at the time, so I would really like to revisit that."

Meyer says he also wants to work with the Lansing School District to increase the number of students who graduate from high school.