Candidates Make Final Push In Michigan Before Tuesday’s Election

Nov 5, 2012

With the 2012 campaign coming to an end, state-wide candidates are making one last push to get out the vote. Both parties held rallies across the state Monday.

At a rally in East Lansing, Democrats urged supporters to show up and stick with their ballot to the very last question. Senator Debbie Stabenow has a significant lead over her opponent in the polls. But she says it’s important not to take anything for granted this close to the election.

“We’ve got, what, about 30 more hours to go? If we’re not going to sleep, we don’t want you to sleep either," she says. "Put on the Coffee! Let’s go!”

Republicans have also been on a state-wide bus tour over the last few days. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney sent his son, Matt Romney, to speak to volunteers in Lansing. He told them Republicans can win Michigan, and urged them to keep up the effort one more day.