BWL wraps methane power project

East Lansing, MI – East Lansing, MI (WKAR) - A local project designed to generate electricity from trash is now complete.

The system is now supplying power to some 10,000 homes in Lansing.

The system converts methane gas from the Granger Company's Wood Road landfill into electricity.

It's then sent to the Lansing Board of Water and Light.

The facility first came online in November with five megawatts of electricity.

It's now up to eight megawatts - enough to power 10,000 homes.

Granger C-E-O Keith Granger says the system has tight pollution controls:

The system was built partly in response to a state mandate that requires all Michigan utilities to derive 10% of their energy from renewable sources by 2015.

The BWL says its confident it will meet that goal well before that deadline.