BWL to build new power plant in Lansing's REO Town

Lansing, MI – The Lansing Board of Water and Light says a new co-generation power plant in south Lansing will ultimately help keep utility rates low for its customers.


The BWL says it will build a new plant that produces both electric and steam power near the site of an historic railroad depot in the city's REO Town area. The $182 million facility will create an estimated 1,000 temporary construction jobs and 180 permanent positions.

BWL general manager Peter Lark says the plant will help the company achieve a 20 percent reduction in carbon emissions within 10 years.

"That's very important for our customers too, because if you don't meet those targets, you're going to have to buy credits," Lark says. "Instead, because we're going to not only meet them but exceed them, we'll be selling the credits."

Lark says that level of efficiency will keep prices low and exceed federal standards. The facility is expected to be completed by early 2013.