Businesses encouraged to prepare for H1N1 virus

Lansing, MI – Ingham County health officials are encouraging local businesses to develop or review their plans for staying open if there's a local outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus this fall.


Health officials say employers should first look at which workers may be most at risk for the virus. That includes pregnant women and people with underlying medical conditions. Companies may opt to move those employees to less public areas or have them work from home.

Ingham County health department director Dean Sienko says planning for absences can reduce financial loss.

"We've had physicians' offices talk with us, saying if I've got a couple or three people out of my office who are ill with this, I can't function...we'll have to close down," Sienko says. "So, all the reason why we want businesses to be prepared so we don't have that economic loss."

Sienko says Ingham County expects to receive vaccines within the next few weeks. The health department will administer vaccinations for children in all county school districts starting in early November.


Ingham County Health Department: