'Business Leaders' responds to SoS


WKAR spoke recently with Lynn Jondahl of the organization "A Better Michigan Future." Its 'Michigan Comeback Plan' includes calls for a graduated state income tax and expanding the state sales tax to include services. Now, a different prescription for Michigan's revival. "Business Leaders for Michigan" is a group comprised of executives of the state's biggest employers. Its "Michigan Turnaround Plan" calls for-among other things---a reduction of the state workforce and its pay, widespread consolidation and a cut in the Michigan Business Tax. WKAR's Mark Bashore spoke with the group's CEO, Doug Rothwell.


That's Doug Rothwell of the group "Business Leaders for Michigan" talking about its Michigan Comeback Plan. To hear the interview with Lynn Jondahl of "A Better Michgan Future," visit wkar.org online and click on "Newsroom."