Buena Vista, Inkster Schools Could B Dissolved Under New Law

Jul 2, 2013

Small school districts with big money troubles could be broken up by the state under a new law signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

As we hear from The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta, two districts are already being reviewed.

Buena Vista in Saginaw County and Inkster in metro Detroit could be the first districts dissolved and folded into their neighbors under the new law. Governor Snyder says that review is proceeding rapidly, so students and their families know where they’re attending classes in the fall.

   “We’re talking days, not months,” he says.

The governor says he hopes more financially struggling districts will decide to merge without waiting for state intervention. The governor says a formal review of the cash-strapped Pontiac schools will begin very soon. That could result in a consent decree or the appointment of an emergency manager.