Budget director outlines $304 M in cuts

East Lansing, MI – East Lansing, MI (MPRN) - Local governments, law enforcement and health care will all suffer under spending cuts that were outlined Tuesday by Governor Granholm's budget chief.

The cuts were quickly approved by House and Senate budget committees.

The budget plan calls for laying off state troopers, and forcing employees to take furlough days.

Doctors and hospitals say cuts to Medicaid payments will force providers to take fewer patients.

Mayors say public safety will take a hit as they are forced to let go even more police officers and firefighters.

State Budget Director Robert Emerson says emergency actions are needed to deal with a sharp dropoff in revenue brought about by the recession and the automotive crisis.

Emerson says that, as tough as they are, the cuts would be even more draconian if the state did not have federal stimulus money to fill most of a one-point-three billion dollar