Bishop backs off governor, hesitant on Snyder


The leading Republican in the state Legislature says GOP candidate for governor Rick Snyder may need to work harder to attract the conservative base.

Republican state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop has made it clear he's been in contact with candidate Rick Snyder, gauging the nominee's political intentions, were he to take office. Bishop says Snyder still needs to convince some skeptical conservatives.

But when asked if he thought Snyder's primary victory was indicative that voters are tired of a constant war between conservatives and liberals, Bishop sighed and said

"Maybe they are," he says. "I think this is a new dawn, there is so much energy. I've been traveling around the state. I think the public is looking for something new."

But Bishop also says Snyder has to be careful not to label himself too much as a political outsider, because he would have to be prepared to lead the party and state government.