Bills Would Let Prosecutors, Guards Could Carry Concealed Guns In Pistol-Free Zones

Oct 31, 2013

Elected county prosecutors, assistant prosecutors and jail guards could carry concealed guns in schools and other pistol-free zones under bills before the state Legislature.

As we hear from The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta, some gun rights advocates say the bills are not fair.

Supporters of the legislation say guards and prosecutors face threats on and off the job.

Republican state Representative Tom Leonard says prosecutors have to deal with the reality that some felons will carry grudges long after they’re released from jail or prison.

“I want to ensure that those individuals that prosecute some of the most dangerous criminals that Michigan has can protect them and their families,” he says.

Tom Lambert is with Michigan Open Carry.

   “Boil it down, favoritism,” he says.  “For every reason they need to carry, the rest of the population needs to carry as well.”

Lambert and other gun rights advocates are pushing for a universal rollback of concealed gun laws.

The state House could vote on the legislation as soon as next week.