Bills To Put Limits On Recall Efforts Introduced In State House

Nov 28, 2012

A group of state lawmakers wants to make it harder to recall elected officials. Bills introduced in the state House on Wednesday would put limits on the process.  

Credit WKAR File Photo

Three democrats and three republicans from Macomb County are sponsoring the legislation. They say it’s a response to recent recall efforts, a number of which targeted officials from Macomb County.

Republican state Representative Anthony Forlini says it’s too easy for special interest groups to abuse the process.

“We saw a year ago where attorneys were getting involved, special interests were being involved, and voters were being disenfranchised,” he says.

One of the six bills would only allow recall elections in May or November. Another would require all language in recall filings to be factually accurate.

Bill sponsors say they’re confident state lawmakers will pass the bills before the end of the year.