Bernero tries to restart debate talks

LANSING, MI – Discussions on scheduling debates between the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor have broken off, with no word on whether they'll start again. Democratic nominee Virg Bernero is anxious to debate.

The conventional political wisdom says the frontrunner - that would be Republican nominee Rick Snyder by a wide margin, according to all polls released so far - wants as few debates as possible. Meanwhile, the straggler - Virg Bernero, in this case -- wants all the debates he can get.

After the Snyder campaign broke off negotiations last week, Bernero responded by inviting every T-V station in the state to schedule debates. He says will show up for as many as possible - with or without his opponent.

"I want my plan compared to his," Bernero says. "I want my vision put up next to Rick Snyder's and let the public take a good look at it. Let them to kick the tires, and shop and compare."

Snyder's campaign spokesman says negotiations ended because Bernero kept demanding last-minute changes to agreements. He says voters will still have plenty of chances to compare the candidates -- with or without debates.