Bernero says he won't run for Governor, then says he might

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says he's seriously considering a run for Governor next year. Bernero says that he's frustrated by the lack of progress state leaders are making on fixing the budget and the economy.

"My job as Mayor is circumscribed to a great extent by the state on the Michigan and national economy," he says. "And I have to admit that it's tempting to think about moving upstairs a bit, moving up the rungs of the ladder, to go and roll up my sleeves and tackle the problems at that level for Lansing and for other cities around the state.

Bernero says he'll make a final decision in the next month or two. Bernero has been dodgy about his future political ambitions. He told a reporter for the Detroit Free press last week that he was NOT considering running for Governor. Critics call Bernero a "job hopper" and an opportunist whose only ambition is a higher office.