Become a WKAR Television Member Today!

As a WKAR-TV member, you don't simply watch public television programs.

You help WKAR produce, purchase and broadcast programs you care about and enjoy -- every day of the year! Your gift makes it all possible.

Your greatest membership benefit is knowing that you are actively helping your public television station remain a leading provider of quality television programs for mid-Michigan.

$40 ($25 seniors & students)
Basic Membership
As part of your membership you will receive StayTuned, includes program listings for WKAR's various television channels, articles about the programs you see on WKAR, plus updates on WKAR outreach and community activities.

Seniors and students qualify for a discounted Basic Member rate of $25.

$40 or $60 (Family)
WKAR Kids' Club
Children enrolled in the Kids' Club receive an on-air birthday greeting on the member's special day, plus an official Kids' Club membership card, a birthday card, and a Birthday Gift Surprise.

Membership in the WKAR Kids' Club is available for an annual contribution of $40 for one child (individual membership) or $60 for two or more children in the same family (family membership).

EverGreen Partner
For a minimum pledge of $60 a year, $5 every month, you can become an EverGreen Partner and receive a WKAR logo sustainable tote. learn more...

Thank You Gifts
Often during on-air membership campaigns, WKAR offers a special gift as our way of thanking you for supporting public broadcasting in mid-Michigan.

Thank-you gift choices are typically available beginning at contributions of $75 and higher.

Thank-you items are sent within six to eight weeks of receiving at least 50% of your pledged amount. The value of any thank-you gift you receive can affect the tax-deducible amount of your contribution. Please see Tax Deduction Information for details.

The WKAR MemberCard
The WKAR MemberCard is good for dining and merchandise discounts in our viewing/listening area and even nationwide.

The WKAR MemberCard is epecially popular for dining. Card holders can receive two entrees for the price of one at more than 90 community-minded restaurants in the WKAR viewing/listening area, plus thousands more nationwide.

The WKAR MemberCard is also accepted nationwide for discounts at many cultural institutions, bed & breakfasts, retail outlets and online shops.

For a complete listing of participating restaurants and merchants, please visit:

The WKAR MemberCard is a benefit for anyone who contributes $120 or more in support of WKAR TV or Radio.