Attorney General sues over Asian Carp

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is suing the state of Illinois and the U-S Army Corps of Engineers to stop the spread of the invasive Asian Carp.

Asian carp were introduced to the southern U.S. about 15 years ago and have since spread rapidly up the Mississippi River. Now, Cox says he wants the U.S. Supreme Court to order Illinois and the Army Corps to shut down Chicago-area shipping locks and artificial waterways, connecting the Mississippi and the Great Lakes. Cox says the carp have the potential to devastate native fish populations and the $7-billion a year Great Lakes fishery.

"These big hundred pound fish will compete with their little babies and minnows," he says. "That's the real threat. They don't eat other fish but they eat other fishes food."

Cox says he was forced to take legal action because Illinois and the Army Corps haven't done enough to stop Asian carp from spreading.