Answer a Call, Make a Difference

"Thank you for calling WKAR - may I take your pledge?"

You can be that cheerful voice when a fan calls during a WKAR on-air fundraising drive. Volunteering to answer phones in the WKAR-TV Volunteer Center or the WKAR Radio Studios is a great way to support your community and public media for mid-Michigan.

Even in this online, Internet world of today, many viewers and listeners in our community prefer making a call to a friendly voice right here in mid-Michigan when they pledge a gift to WKAR.

On your own, or with a group of your colleagues, consider a contribution of a few hours of your time in the during an upcoming WKAR on-air campaign. It's another way you can help keep our community strong.

Volunteers in the WKAR Radio Studios during a fundraising campaign

WKAR Membership
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