Ag Expo plans water management demos

EAST LANSING, MI – A challenge for mid-Michigan's livestock producers is controlling erosion and runoff into streams and waterways. Presenters at this week's MSU Ag Expo will share methods that address the issue. Matt Hahn is a pasture and dairy specialist who works at the MSU Biological Station. He says cattle crossings can limit erosion:

"So you would put down gravel and rock into the stream bed itself, and then you would fence around that to have cows can only access at that point," Hahn says, "but you're controlling that access point, you're reducing the amount of impact they have on the stream."

Tuesday, Hahn will demonstrate other livestock water management systems he says not only lower the risk of runoff into streams, but also increase profitability. The 30th annual MSU Ag Expo runs through Thursday in East Lansing.