Advocates say inaction will cause massive problems for schools

LANSING, MI – Advocates say many school districts could go into deficit if lawmakers take no action this year to fix the state's ailing School Aid Fund.


Members of the group Save Our Students, Schools and State say the Proposal A funding structure for K-12 schools is out of date. It was adopted by voters in the mid-1990s. Tom White is the chairman of the coalition. He says the Legislature needs to evaluate the effectiveness Proposal A.

"Just on general principal you'd say it's time to look at it and make the appropriate changes based on the changes in our economy and our world."

White also says lawmakers need to seriously consider Governor Granholm's proposal to generate money for schools by expanding the sales tax to services. He says that's where the economy is growing, and people will be willing to pay more if they know it will avert painful cuts to classrooms.