Advocate urges action against Citizens United decision

Sep 18, 2013

     In January 2010, the Supreme Court released its 5-4 decision in Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission.  The opinion struck down a Federal Elections Commission rule prohibiting corporations from engaging in certain political activity, maintaining it violated free-speech rights. 

 Prior to the landmark ruling, political contributions from corporations and labor unions were highly regulated.  The decision in Citizens United, however, opened the door for virtually unlimited, as well as nearly untraceable, political contributions and gave rise to the term: Super PAC.

The movement called Move to Amend has been leading the charge to eradicate the effects of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision through a Constitutional amendment. David Cobb joined us by phone to discuss Move to Amend. Cobb ran for president in the 2004 election as the Green Party candidate and he’s currently on Move to Amend’s executive committee.