Acting MSU Provost Looks Ahead

Jan 3, 2013

Michigan State University Senior Associate Provost June Youatt has been promoted to acting provost, following the resignation of Kim Wilcox.

Acting MSU Provost June Youatt
Credit Courtesy Photo/Office of the Provost

Wilcox's resignation takes effect July 1, but he's already transitioning into a new role with the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa.

WKAR's Scott Pohl spoke with Youatt about the transition.

Youatt says that everything that happens at MSU is in support of the efforts of the chief academic officer at a research-intensive Big Ten university. That includes colleges, deans and students, along with buildings, grounds and public safety on campus. The provost isn't responsible for all of those things, she says, but helping communicate to those needs is part of the job. She praised Wilcox for his ability to inspire people in those tasks.

He or she will come on to a platform that is probably ready for some change. - Acting MSU Provost June Youatt

Youatt doesn't think having the word "acting" in her title will hinder her work. She thinks it conveys a sense of continuity.

Youatt does not intend to be a candidate for the job as MSU searches for a new provost. She compares the process to the one that led to last year's selection of Stephen Hsu to become Vice President for Research, and the excitement that has created on campus. She expects the job of provost to attract candidates from across the country, and she's looking forward to working with whoever is chosen.