ACLU says school weapons law should be relaxed

LANSING, MI – The head of the American Civil Liberties Union in Michigan says the state should relax its school suspension law because it discriminates against minorities.

The ACLU just released a report that says African American students are more likely than white students to be suspended or expelled under the state's zero tolerance law. The ACLU's Kary Moss says students who are kicked out of school are more likely to eventually drop out, and wind up in the criminal justice system.

Moss says Michigan should also amend the state constitution to guarantee every child the right to a high-quality education. "Michigan is one of 11 states that doesn't have a right to an education in our state constitution," she says. "And we think we need as a state to step forward and say, every child has the right to an education."

The Michigan Constitution does require the state to maintain a system of K-12 schools, and to encourage education.

Moss was appearing on the Michigan Public Television show "Off the Record."