Of 34 H1N1 deaths in Mich. this year, 4 had asthma

LANSING, MI – Michigan health officials urge people with asthma to get the seasonal and swine flu shots as soon as possible.

Chief medical executive Greg Holzman of Michigan's Community Health Department said Monday a third of those hospitalized nationally this year with H1N1 symptoms have had asthma.

He says four Michigan residents who had underlying asthma are among the 34 H1N1 patients who've died in the state since April.

He says those with asthma should see a doctor promptly if they get flulike symptoms so they can receive Tamiflu.

State health officials say since Sept. 1, 28 Michigan residents have died and 801 have been hospitalized. About 46,272 have shown signs of a flu-type illness this week.