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 Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign has formally asked the Republican National Committee to investigate the actions of Michigan GOP leaders following Tuesday’s presidential primary.

There’s a fight brewing over one Michigan delegate to the Republican National Convention this summer. The state Republican Party has awarded both of Michigan’s at-large delegates to Mitt Romney – despite the fact that Rick Santorum was a close runner-up in the popular vote.

Michigan State University has cut portions of a videotape and police report on the arrest of a state lawmaker who is a key decision-maker on higher education spending. State Representative Bob Genetski was stopped last month on the MSU campus and arrested for drunk driving.

The campaign to challenge Michigan’s local emergency manager law has filed petitions seeking to put the question on the ballot.

Opponents say the state takeover law is an affront to voters’ rights to choose their local elected officials. 

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Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum lost the popular vote to Mitt Romney by a slim margin in the Michigan Republican primary. But it appears Santorum’s in line to pick up about half the state’s national convention delegates.

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There are 30 Republican national convention delegates up for grabs in today’s primary. But today’s vote is about more than just delegates.

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Republican presidential candidates will be criss-crossing Michigan. GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul all have Michigan campaign stops planned. And there is no let-up expected in campaign advertising.

This has largely been what’s called a “contrast” campaign, which is a euphemism for attacking one’s opponents.

Bobby Schostak is the Michigan Republican chairman. He says Republicans don’t simply want someone who can beat President Obama in November.

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney plays up his Michigan roots when he talks to voters in the state where he grew up.

In 2008, Romney won the Republican presidential primary in Michigan. On the campaign trail, he likes to tell stories about his father, George, who was an iconic governor of Michigan in the 1960s:

"He said, 'It sure is great to be in Mount Clemens today,' even though he was in Mount Pleasant. My mother was sitting behind and said, 'George, it's "Pleasant." ' He said, 'Yes, it's pleasant in Mount Clemens.' "

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Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law that allows students in Highland Park to transfer to another district or to a charter school now that the Highland Park district has run out of money.

As better-known candidates trod the landscape and crowd the airwaves, pleading for votes in Michigan's Republican primary, the first openly gay GOP presidential hopeful is plotting a minor upset.

Fred Karger hopes the state's primary rules will land him a mid-Michigan miracle and a handful of delegates to the national convention.

Teachers in Highland Park schools could be asked to work without pay while a standoff between the state and the school board is resolved.  

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Governor Rick Snyder says he is forced by a court decision to “de-activate” the emergency manager running the Highland Park school district.

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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney returns to Michigan on Tuesday to campaign in Macomb County.  Rick Santorum spent much of Monday courting voters at three stops in west Michigan –before heading to Arizona, which also has a primary in one week.

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum returns to Michigan Monday, speaking at a Republican fundraiser in Grand Rapids. Mitt Romney visits Macomb County Tuesday.

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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke to a business luncheon Thursday not far from where he grew up in Oakland County as he stumped for Republican support in Michigan’s presidential primary.