Rick Pluta

Managing Editor - Michigan Public Radio Network
WKAR file photo

Michigan is the 31st state to allow motorcyclists to ride without a helmet.

Teachers turned out by the hundreds Wednesday to pack a hearing room in Lansing. They showed up to oppose a measure that would force them to pay more for their retirement health care and pension benefits.

A group that wants to oust Governor Rick Snyder will launch its second effort to collect enough signatures to put a recall question on the November ballot. It will go before an election commission Monday, looking for permission to let the petition drive go forward.

Bills to add regulations to Michigan’s voter-approved medical marijuana law are waiting on action from the Legislature when it returns from a two-week spring break.

It’s now Governor Rick Snyder’s decision on whether to repeal Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law.

The Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether the state’s medical marijuana laws allows medical marijuana cardholders to sell to each other.

The state Senate plans to vote Wednesday to repeal Michigan’s motorcycle helmet requirement for riders who are 21 and older.

Governor Rick Snyder continues to defend a legally enforceable consent agreement as the best way to lift Detroit out of a financial crisis.

A political fight between Republicans and Democrats at the state Capitol has landed in court.

The Michigan Supreme Court -- in a decision that breaks along party-lines -- has upheld a state law that will let Republicans on the Oakland County Commission redraw their district lines.

Michigan is one of 26 states challenging federal health care reforms in a case that is going before the U. S. Supreme Court. But there is also a stalemate in state government over moving ahead with an online healthcare exchange that is part of the law that would help consumers shop for coverage.

Lawyers acting for Governor Rick Snyder have asked the state Court of Appeals to reverse lower court rulings that blocked the administration’s efforts to resolve financial crises in two cities.

A fight that pits Democrats in Oakland County against Republicans in the Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder is now before state Supreme Court.

Governor Rick Snyder’s administration will appeal a judge’s ruling that would delay any deal between the state and Detroit on a plan to fix the city’s fiscal crisis. 

The state Senate could vote this week on the first major amendment to Michigan's medical marijuana law since it was adopted by voters in 2008.  The measure would strip the eye disease glaucoma from the list of conditions that would qualify a patient for a medical marijuana card.