Rick Pluta

Managing Editor - Michigan Public Radio Network

A state House committee opened hearings Wednesday on overhauling Michigan’s energy strategy.

Governor Rick Snyder says he’s opposed to abruptly scrapping Michigan’s incentives to attract film and video productions.

Bills to allow faith-based adoption agencies to turn away LGBT couples or anyone else for religious or moral reasons were adopted Wednesday by a state House committee on party-line votes.

A state House committee could vote Wednesday on bills to shield faith-based adoption agencies from having to serve LGBT couples if the US Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage.

Attorneys for the lesbian couple challenging Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban have filed their briefs with the US Supreme Court.

The state House has adopted legislation that would exempt air-, spring-, and gas-powered guns from Michigan firearms laws.

A state House committee held a hearing Wednesday on legislation to end Michigan’s big tax breaks for film, TV, and movie projects.

A state board has approved selling bonds to come up with $50 million to help community colleges ramp up their career and technical training.


A survey of some of Michigan’s largest employers suggests more hiring is in store this year.

A new report says the Michigan Department of Transportation has done a poor job of ensuring that road builders repair problems with their work.

It looks like Michigan Republicans will hold their presidential primary on March 8th of next year.

A problem with uncashed business tax credits that threatens future state budgets is bigger than originally thought by about $3 billion.

The state House is supposed to vote before the end of the week on legislation to hold Michigan’s Republican presidential primary in March of next year.


The state Auditor General says the Michigan Department of Transportation spent millions of dollars on commuter rail cars that aren’t being used.


Michigan Republicans would vote for their presidential nominee on March 15th of next year under a bill that’s cleared the state Senate.