Rick Pluta

Managing Editor - Michigan Public Radio Network

An overhaul of Michigan’s no-fault insurance law is moving quickly through the Legislature, where a House committee has opened hearings on the issue.


After almost two decades, the state Capitol in Lansing will re-open for the public to visit on Saturdays.


Rick Snyder says one of his long-term ambitions is to improve Michigan’s access to electricity by extending the power grid to connect the upper and lower peninsulas.


Wolf hunting opponents have filed a lawsuit challenging the state law that circumvented voter referendums on the question.


Governor Rick Snyder says he would veto a Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act if the Legislature sends it to him.


The legal team fighting Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban has settled on a well-known litigator for LGBT rights to argue the case before the US Supreme Court.


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette's office has delivered the state's defense of its same-sex marriage ban to the US Supreme Court.


The Michigan Court of Appeals has rejected a lawmaker’s attempt to use legislative immunity to fend off a sexual harassment lawsuit.


State lawmakers are taking bites out of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation budget.


Michigan’s monthly unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest point in 14 years.


The state House has begun an effort to scrub outdated laws from the books and shrink the size of Michigan’s criminal code.


The state House is poised to vote Wednesday that would allow faith-based adoption agencies in Michigan to turn away couples based on a religious objection to their lifestyle.


A state Auditor General’s report has found problems with Michigan’s bridge inspection program.


The state office tasked with monitoring Michigan’s lowest performing schools will be put under the direct control of Governor Rick Snyder.


Governor Rick Snyder will deliver an address Friday on Michigan’s energy future.