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Managing Editor - Michigan Public Radio Network

Governor Rick Snyder and legislative leaders are trying to convince state lawmakers to adopt a plan to raise $1.3billion dollars for roads, and then put the question on the ballot in May.


The owners of a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts face federal murder charges for mishandling medical steroids that were distributed nationwide and caused a meningitis outbreak.


Governor Rick Snyder met Friday with the Legislature’s Republican and Democratic leaders to try and strike a deal on road funding.


The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether local governments can order construction companies to pay union wages on public projects.

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Governor Rick Snyder says a plan adopted by the state House to shift sales taxes collected on fuel sales to roads won’t work.


A bill that’s supposed to protect people exercising sincerely held religious beliefs has been approved by the state House. It now goes to the state Senate.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta reports.

The bill was brought up right after House Speaker Jase Bolger declared the effort to add LGBT protections to Michigan’s civil rights law dead. State Representative Jeff Irwin and other Democrats oppose the bill. He says this would make it easier to discriminate against LGBT people.

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A state House committee adjourned Wednesday without a vote on legislation to add LGBT protections the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.


Michigan wants out from under court-ordered oversight of the state’s child foster care system.


Candidates and campaigns that are unhappy with the results of the November elections have until Wednesday afternoon to ask for recounts.


More people were looking for work last month, but more businesses were hiring, which helped drive Michigan’s unemployment rate to 7.1%, the lowest it’s been so far this year.


A federal judge in Detroit has refused to toss out a legal challenge to Michigan’s emergency manager law.


The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether 35 thousand state civil service employees and the unions that represent them are covered by the right-to-work law.

mprn Rick Pluta

The legal team for April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse filed its appeal Monday with the US Supreme Court.


A lesbian couple from metro Detroit has asked the US Supreme Court to strike down Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional.


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s not on board with changing how Michigan divvies up presidential electors.

A debate is shaping up in the Michigan House on whether Michigan’s civil rights law should be expanded to protect gays, lesbians, and bisexuals from discrimination.


There’s no decision yet on whether the Legislature will take up the question of adding gay rights to the state’s civil rights law.


With the addition of seven new plants and animals, Michigan now bans 40 non-native species.


The US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage.


With the elections over, the Legislature returns to Lansing Thursday to begin what’s expected to be a short “lame duck” session.


More than 3 million Michigan voters are expected to cast ballots Tuesday in the mid-term elections.

Political parties have fired up their get-out-the-vote operations as candidates are in their final sprint of the 2014 election campaign.


State and local health officials are keeping watch over 10 people who very recently visited western Africa.


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s pleased with how quickly the Detroit bankruptcy trial wrapped up – and he’s looking forward to the judge’s decision late next week.


One of the rituals of the political campaign season is the newspaper endorsement.


The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to hear another round of arguments on who can be protected from prosecution under the state’s medical marijuana law.

The Michigan Supreme Court won’t reconsider its decision that more than 350 juvenile lifers in state prisons won’t get parole hearings.

Michigan voters will get to weigh in on two laws that allowed wolf hunting in the Upper Peninsula.

We’re two weeks away from Election Day, but for a lot of voters, it’s already come and gone.

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill to allow terminally ill patients to try experimental therapies when other options have failed.