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A recent report could serve as a blueprint for overhauling the state corrections system and saving taxpayers money. It aligns with Governor Rick Snyder’s plans to save money on prisons, not winning support from the Legislature is a different story.

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Coming up with more money for roads is a big topic of discussion this week on an island with no cars. The key issue: can the legislature finally come up with more than a billion dollars in new revenue for transportation.

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State Senator Virgil Smith has been charged with multiple gun and assault felonies.

State Senator Virgil Smith is expected to be a no-show when the Senate gavels into session Tuesday.


Some Democrats are hinting a ballot campaign could be in the works to make Michigan a graduated income tax state.


People who were wrongfully convicted would be entitled to $60 thousand for each year they spent in prison under legislation unveiled Thursday at the state Capitol.


A state board has agreed to let the Detroit Public Schools re-finance part of its debt as part of a plan to manage a fiscal crisis.


Governor Rick Snyder spent the last day before Election Day campaigning for Proposal One.


The Michigan Court of Appeals has ordered a state utility board to take another look at “smart meters” and how much utilities can charge customers who don’t want to use them.


Eighteen schools in Detroit were closed Thursday as teachers and other staff skipped classes to protest at the state Capitol.


Michigan is now waiting for the US Supreme Court to make its decision on same-sex marriage bans.


A state House committee has approved some big changes to Michigan’s no-fault law.

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State Representative Tom Leonard chairs the House Insurance Committee. He says this will save consumers money.

“There is a mandatory rate rollback of 100 dollars per vehicle that has been put in this bill,” he says.


Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Betty Weaver has died at the age of 74.