Bill Richards

WKAR Communications Manager and Digital Lead

UPDATED 9:20pm: WKAR-TV returned to the air at approx. 9:20pm

At about 8:45pm Sunday 1/10 WKAR-TV suffered a partial loss of power at the transmitter tower. Over-the-air viewers and some cable systems were affected.

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performers on stage
w.r. richards / WKAR-MSU

Fri. May 16 - 9pm - WKAR HD | Highlights from season 5 of the television series featuring music made in Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

performers on stage
Stacy Hoxsey / WKAR-MSU

Funk powerhouse from Kalamazoo. Recorded live at Albert White Auditorium in East Lansing. WATCH NOW

Performer on stage
w.r. richards / WKAR-MSU

Hard-driving blues from Jackson, Michigan. Recorded live at BluesFest 2013 in Lansing's Oldtown district.