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Forest tent caterpillar
Dept. of Natural Resources

Officials say forest tent caterpillars are damaging many trees across Michigan this spring.


The Michigan Court of Appeals ordered Thursday that an anti-political gerrymandering measure be placed on the November ballot, rejecting opponents' contention that the proposed constitutional amendment is too expansive and does not list all sections that would be abrogated.

Two peacocks are among 71 animals rescued from a southeastern Michigan home.

s_falkow / flickr creative commons

Prosecutors want jurors to hear about a state trooper's use of force when he faces trial in the Taser-related death of a Detroit teen.

Gray wolf
Corel Corporation / US Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. officials have decided to relocate gray wolves to Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, where the predator species that has roamed the remote wilderness for about 70 years is on the brink of disappearing.

Michigan Capitol Building
WKAR File Photo

State regulators have approved permits for wells to accommodate a potash mine.

school classroom
Wokandapix / Pixabay

A school-safety plan advancing in Michigan's Legislature would require all school districts to develop an emergency operations plan and consult with law enforcement before the construction or renovation of a school building.

Police Lights

Authorities say a woman and her 5-year-old son have died following fire in mid-Michigan.

Wayne State Sign
Wayne State University

Wayne State University in Detroit says the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease has been identified in cooling towers on three campus buildings and in bathrooms at three other buildings.

Abdul El-Sayed
Abdul El-Sayed / Facebook

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed is proposing a single-payer health care system to provide medical insurance to every Michigan resident until age 65.

Larry Nassar photo
WKAR photo

Sports coaches are rejoining the list of people required to report child abuse under a batch of Michigan bills spurred by the Larry Nassar scandal, a Senate committee unanimously decided on Wednesday.

The state Legislature is getting closer to requiring that people in the Healthy Michigan insurance program work to get those benefits. The bill is now one vote away from the governor’s desk.

WKAR/Kevin Lavery

A university in southwestern Michigan is shutting down its dairy farm business, which has operated for more than a century.

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There's a lot of green in vanilla.

Michigan State University outdoor sign
File photo / WKAR-MSU

Michigan State University is dropping a remedial math course that doesn't count toward an undergraduate degree and covers material that students were supposed to have mastered in high school.