Aaron Young

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Our Live Music Friday guest today is Melissa Greener. Melissa is in East Lansing to perform at tonight’s Pump House concert. She’s a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who grew up in the Detroit area before moving on to music Meccas like Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, which has been her base for about five years now.

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Cris Williamson has enjoyed a remarkable career in music. Back in 1975, she recorded an album called “The Changer and The Changed”, and released it on her own label, Olivia Records. Olivia was the first woman-owned, woman-focused record company. To this day, “The Changer and The Changed” remains one of the best-selling independent records of all time.

Scott Pohl/WKAR

It’s Live Music Friday on Current State, and today we welcome Adrian and Meredith to Studio S. Adrian Krygowski is a Nashville-based artist who has performed solo and with a band; these days, he’s playing with Meredith Brown, late of the Bard Owls, a group that has played for us on a Live Music Friday a couple of times.

Ariel Vida

In its earliest days, The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle was just one guy. Dylan Rogers was performing as a one-man band on street corners about four years ago, and since then, his group of musicians has grown to a total of 11, and that isn’t including a few other people who work with the group on costumes and even puppets. They’ve recently put out a new album called “Dream Machine”, and they’re becoming a big part of the revival of REO Town in Lansing.


It’s Live Music Friday today and we have a very special guest, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jon Brooks. His new album, which is a collection of murder ballads, is called “The Smiling and Beautiful Countryside.”