Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities

Underwriting: Philanthropy + Marketing

Underwriters are businesses or organizations offering financial support to WKAR and receive media exposure. Underwriting can be described as a marriage of philanthropy and marketing accessing an exceptionally devoted audience which may be hard to reach through other media. Marketing dollars spent on WKAR are tax deductible!

Underwriting builds brand awareness and trust, generates community goodwill and motivates listeners to support public radio and television.

  • 52% of people believe that companies who sponsor public media are more credible than those that advertise commercially
  • 85% have taken direct action as a result of an underwriting sponsorship
  • 75% hold a more positive opinion of a company when they learn it supports public radio
  • 64% prefer to buy products and services from companies who support public media when price and quality are equal (Source: NPR Audience & Insight Research 2010)

Your WKAR representative will work with you and your budget to customize an underwriting campaign with these options:

  • Radio announcements that are approximately 15 seconds or 40 words.
  • TV announcements that are approximately 20 seconds and 45-50 words
  • Both written in objective style that listeners expect and appreciate
  • Targeted promotions
  • Special station events

If you are interested in learning more about marketing opportunities and underwriting on WKAR TV and Radio, please contact Melissa Nay at or 517-884-4761.

For general information on WKAR Radio & Television as well as our guidelines please refer to the PDF's below.