Tiger Woods http://wkar.org en Current Sports #279 | July 18, 2014 http://wkar.org/post/current-sports-279-july-18-2014 <p>Matt Ludtke fills in for Al on his final show, as Matt heads to San Francisco. To start, Alex and Matt debate the potential trade of Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins. Later. WKAR's own Brad Walker joins Matt to discuss fandom and the Oakland Raiders, given the topic of the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders having the possibility of sharing a stadium. To close, special guests join to wish Matt a farewell.</p><p> Fri, 18 Jul 2014 18:12:07 +0000 Current Sports 56922 at http://wkar.org Current Sports #276 | July 15, 2014 http://wkar.org/post/current-sports-276-july-15-2014 <p>Matt and Alex continue to host the week as Al is on vacation. The first half of the show is dedicated to Major League Baseball, and Alex and Matt break down the Home Run Derby last night and the All-Star Game tonight. Later, they debate whether an entire channel dedicated to golfer Tiger Woods will be good for fans. To close the show, the duo debates what the Detroit Tigers need the most during the second half of the season.</p><p> Tue, 15 Jul 2014 18:14:32 +0000 Current Sports 56738 at http://wkar.org SportsTalk | Fri 4/12/13 http://wkar.org/post/sportstalk-fri-41213 <p>Matt Ludtke starts the show with Detroit Lions buzz, as they give YouTube phenomena Havard Rugland a chance to make the team, after signing David Akers. &nbsp;Matt gets into Masters coverage, as Tiger Woods hopes to regain his glory, and two teams fight for the college hockey championship subsequent to the Frozen Four. &nbsp;Detroit Tigers news and MSU Football rumblings close the show.</p><p> Fri, 12 Apr 2013 18:17:14 +0000 Alex Scharg 34201 at http://wkar.org SportsTalk | Thu 3/28/13 http://wkar.org/post/sportstalk-thu-32813 <p>Alex joins Matt today to breakdown all of the NCAA tournament games tonight and Friday night. &nbsp;The duo breaks down every team, and discusses all of the shockers like Witchita&nbsp;State who could potentially make a Cinderella run. &nbsp;They also analyze the Miami Heat loss to Chicago, ending their impressive win steak, and cap off the show with the news of Tim McCarver.</p><p> Thu, 28 Mar 2013 18:11:25 +0000 Alex Scharg 33438 at http://wkar.org