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Contact Information for WKAR Public Media, Interactive Video Services (IVS) and other MSU Broadcasting Services departments.

Phone: 517 884-4700 Fax: 517 432-3858

Mailing Address
Michigan State University

Communication Arts & Sciences Bldg.

404 Wilson Road Room 212
East Lansing MI 48824-1212

Consult CAROLopedia!
with your questions about WKAR Programs and Reception

Carol has a full encyclopedia of WKAR help and information at her fingertips.
Send your questions about WKAR programming, or how to receive it, to

or call
 517 884-6990

Annual Memberships

517 884-4747
How you can join in supporting fine radio and television programming from WKAR.
- Questions about program guide subscriptions, bonus thank-you gifts, tax receipt status, and more.

WKAR-TV Kids Club Memberships
517 884-4698

Radio Day Sponsor Program
517 884-4758
Questions about sponsoring a day of programming on 90.5 FM WKAR or AM 870 WKAR.

517 884-4789

Closed Captioning - TV
517 884-4781
fax: 517 432-6771
For concerns or problems regarding television closed captioning.

Interactive Video Services (IVS)
517 884-4768
Information about and scheduling of Michigan State University distance education facilities and technologies.

Public Service Announcements
For submission of Public Service Announcements for possible broadcast on Radio and TV. Please submit at least two weeks in advance of an event.

News Tips and Information
E-mail news tips or information for WKAR Radio news.

Radio Reading Service
517 884-4746
Questions about this special service that provides timely and useful information to those unable to read printed material.

Ready To Learn
517 884-4774
For additional information or questions about Ready To Learn and Parenting Counts, and materials.